Know Your Broker

You can find roots of CapitalXP, a modern and user-friendly international MT4 platform provider, in 2013, when a group of finance sector experts and e-markets enthusiasts launched the company.

Since then, CapitalXP had shown a stable growth in market opportunities, technological advancements and in the vast knowledge base.
High liquidity of CapitalXP provides customers with an additional 1:500 buying power, and you cannot say “No” to that in the high-competition conditions of trading online.
CapitalXP Reviews provides anyone who is looking to branch out to online trading or someone who is seeking to add more depth to the well of practical experiences of online trading with easy digested, workable, thought-provoking ideas, data and analysis.

That is CapitalXP in a nutshell. But when you use a new online trading broker, the first thing you should do after reading the customary “About us” section is carefully and meticulously check out conditions you will work with. The most useful information you should read through and through, in the opinion of experts of CapitalXP, are reviews.

Other useful to know info includes:

1. Is it a regulated broker? What kind of regulation you will work with?

It may seem to be a kind of no-brainer but in fact not that many people read boring legal-speak. Everyone knows important things are all in F.A.Q., aren’t they?
We are sorry to disappoint but in F.A.Q. you will find answers on most often asked questions. There are things like initial deposit, spreads and commissions, leverage and margin, usually. Tangible, relevant from the get-go account details like that interest users more than which laws exactly regulate transparency, security and implementation of anti-money laundering politics.
But you absolutely need to know those things! Those things could as easily benefit your protection against fraud and manipulation as make your life harder. There is such a thing as ‘too much regulation’.

2. What kind of trading platform the broker uses?

It is one of the essential questions. Who would want to work with hard-to-comprehend software with ugly, irritating or distracting design, a platform that does not allow the use of tools for technical and fundamental analysis, or a platform where you cannot easily enter or leave a trade?
So you need to look out for those criteria. Though, in the case of the visual aspect, it will be mainly instinctual. And the comprehensibleness of the software you can test in demo period.
We use MT4 platform at CapitalXP. Reviews show thousands traders from around the Globe are choosing this platform thanks to functionality and availability on various devices.

3. Customer service and customer support

There are few things as frustrating as having a problem you cannot handle on your own and not getting help from the service provider in a timely fashion. Look up the Help and Contacts section of the platform provider. The more ways to reach them, the more chances of getting a swift solution or a consultation regarding your issues or even ‘minor details’ you do not understand. When it is about money, there is not really such a thing like a minor detail. That is why the level of service and response time are important.
CapitalXP knows it. That is why here we provide customer support on a 24/7 basis. But we are giving our customers even more. Every member of our community has a personal manager, even for basic accounts. Experts who provide private webinars, one-on-one tutorials and live trading assistance are also available.

4. What does the broker has to offer in terms of account details?
As we stated earlier, account details are very important for brokers. Remember, you absolutely need to check:

  • Commissions and spreads. It’s what you will make money off;
  • Leverage and margin. Leverage could be a great help in magnifying profits via loans to margin account holders;
  • Initial deposit. Deposit requirements could vary but if you aren’t looking into using leverage, you probably shouldn’t be worried about getting the smallest amount required for the initial deposit because buying power in the online trading sector is usually somewhat excess, say, 50 USD;
  • How fast and how easily you can deposit or withdraw money. Policies regarding depositing and withdrawing funds will vary in different companies. And usually to deposit funds is easier than withdraw. Look into withdrawal options and whether there is a fee for the procedure.