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Daniel Buyer

18.12.2018 3:00 PM

Happy story about CapitalXP

I wanna share some happy story about myself mates, regarding one trader from CapitalXP whose name is Paul Ray. I am one of those people who likes to make money and if you make them you have to stay quite as much as possible and rag that cows milk as long as you can. But I got what I needed, payed my loan, got my child money for college and little bit for my senior years, which sounds good as mothers cherry pie.
I got contacted on the hype of bitcoin price getting down, but didn’t feel sure about investing money in it. It was getting cheaper these days and I didn’t believe the idea that some non-existing coin with the price drop can make you money, but I can hardly admit, it does.
About 4 past weeks a made around 217k and it is only on bitcoin. To be more clear, just google the BTC price on the dates of 12-14th of November. And give a good look what happened to it in December. Nice drop isn’t it?
Paul called me a few times, gave me huge pros why should I invest in BTC drop and how i can make money out of it. First of all, I took it skeptically and dropped my connection for a few days. And you know what? Paul didn’t call me after, he knows the market and he is willing to work with people who are determined and know what they want. He was like predator waiting in the bushes and in the end he nailed it. Got his good commission and made me hella a profit.

Oscar Bryant

14.12.2018 4:43 AM

I got a recommendation

I got a recommendation for this website from my colleague, a casual Forex trader. I was interested in this, too, but didn’t know how to approach, even. Heh, I was probably a pain and half with all the questions I kept asking him. Probably why he send me the link.
It’s all good that ends good, though. I made an account, used their video course, got one-on-one tutorials and assistance with trading. After a few weeks I didn’t need it anymore.
Won’t say I will use this service forever but as of now, I’m good.

Archie Hayes

14.12.2018 1:41 AM

I traded with them for two years.

I traded with them for two years. Indices and commodities only. Made a decent profit. I’m not into trading anymore, for unrelated reasons, so I withdrawal all my money from account. It took some time, a couple of weeks, maybe. Pretty sure it’s to do with the amount.
All in all, it was a pleasant experience.

Morgan McDonald

13.12.2018 8:17 AM

Best signals

Best signals I’ve tried, so far. Been with them for a six months, now. Don’t have any complaints about service or the use of the platform.
My account manager is very nice person, that’s a plus too.

Jordan Collier

12.12.2018 10:10 AM

Good online service

Good online service. Used it for a year. Good trading signals.

Isabella Hooper

12.12.2018 12:42 AM

Crypto trading accessible

Crypto trading accessible. Was important to me when I started doing business with them because it was the only way I could have made a deposit with them at the time.
Look into them if you’re in the same position I was.

Mia Howell

11.12.2018 7:39 PM

Is it worth it

Is it worth it to buy their VIP accounts package? I’m on Silver right now, it has everything I need for now, access to webinars, market analysis, risk management, strategies… I don’t know if I need those ‘advanced strategies’, I mean, what I have now seems working just fine for now.

Lola Howard

10.12.2018 10:18 PM

For beginners

For beginners, it’s not a bad choice. They have exquisite library and online courses, you can even track your progress, it’s pretty cool.
But I’m not a beginner so I was more interested in their indicators and trading signals. Well, I got some results, more wins than losses, so I can’t say I didn’t get what I was paying for. I got some decent return rate for my investment, nearly 15% on average. But I was hoping for more. So, 4 out of 5.

Rhys Craig

09.12.2018 3:10 AM


Satisfied. Service is good, signals made me 20% profit on my deposit in 2 months. Not bad.

Ryan Ali

09.12.2018 1:35 AM

It saves time

It saves time to use their market analysis so I don’t have to do it on my own. I receive regular updates on the phone app, and with the phone app I’m opening and closing deals. Sweet!

Elma R. Gilliland

08.12.2018 11:55 PM

Not bad

Not bad for online broker with €250 initial deposit. Could be lower tho. Not everyone is comfortable to spending this much with a new broker especially given the mixed reviews… For me it was worth it tho. Made three times that ammount in a few weeks, requested partial withdrawl just to see how long it would take and, I mean, it’s not like I was risking much, right? Thankfully it turns out I wasn’t risking anything at all and I received money back promptly. The rest is still in the works.

Freddie Harding

07.12.2018 4:31 AM

US citizens can’t use this service

US citizens can’t use this service, apparently.Why not? Didn’t see a good explanation for this on the website. I have a dual citizenship. Will it be a problem for me? My account manager still hadn’t got back to me.

Charlie Goodwin

07.12.2018 12:14 AM

Waste of time

Waste of time is using other brokerage platforms. THis one right here has everything you need! Oh well, it has everything I needed, don’t know about your requirements.

Patrick T. Turner

06.12.2018 9:40 PM

High returns on large investments

High returns on large investments. Trading environment for real pros! Without question would recommend.

Andrew Wilkins

06.12.2018 2:33 PM

Had some issues

Had some issues with total withdrawal from my account, it took a couple of months (sometimes, people, there is such thing as too much regulation but alas).
Thanks to my manager with always being one call away, and finally figuring out the issue with my account! 5+ service.

Rory Wilson

06.12.2018 9:30 AM

Came for the news articles, stayed for trading signals

Came for the news articles, stayed for trading signals. Didn’t think I would find something, you know, really useful on their website? But I actually improved my trading game heavily.

Thomas Abbott

05.12.2018 11:02 AM

Security concerns

Security concerns re: using Skype. Is it a good idea? Isn’t it one of most hackable message services outhere? Though when I opted out of that one, my manager contacted me with a phone call and things proceeded from then.
Other than that, everything is great. Best rates I’ve seen in awhile.

Leo Tande

04.12.2018 2:39 PM


Average. Do not see how they are different from any other online brokers. Fees could be lower. Service is so-so. I didn’t have any conflict situations though so that’s a plus.

Gabriella Trevisani

04.12.2018 6:03 AM

No Telegram

No Telegram. 🙁 I’m really used to have any markets updates on my phone via various Telegram groups, and they do not have one. They have the app, of course, but, I don’t know, it’s not what I’m used for. I sent an email to the support but received standard “Thank you for inquiry but at the moment we are not planning to expand on other social media channels” reply.
I can’t be the only one with this question, so, look into it, staff, alright?

Jake Vincent

03.12.2018 7:26 PM

£300 in th first week

£300 in th first week. Is it much or not? I don’t really know? I’m only use it for 2 months. But it feels great, anyway.

Luca Cooke

03.12.2018 1:12 PM

100% rec

100% rec. Why?
1) Low rates
2) Various deposit and withdrawal options
3) Support staff are great at their jobs
4) Great trading experience overall

Iwona Zielinska

02.12.2018 2:11 PM

So easy even ESL-person can use it

So easy even ESL-person can use itEnglish is not my first language, as you can see probably from the way I speak. And it was hard for me to find great website to do trading on. Many are difficult to use. CapitalXP does not have this difficulties. If it is a point of concern for you like it was to me, keep in mind!

Georgia Rhodes

01.12.2018 10:09 AM

great account options

Great account options. like how they have diverse range of options for accounts. You basically choose what you want and what you need by yourself. if you have experience and don’t need tutelage or webinars, you can get a basic account, like me, and still have everything you need.

Alasdair Sutherland

30.11.2018 5:04 PM

Still in demo mode but pretty excited

Still in demo mode but pretty excited, I’m only starting out, but I can’t wait to begin trading fr. The person/people who gathered your educational resources are amazing.

Elle Marshall

30.11.2018 2:36 PM

Use the app!!!

Use the app!!!
The best app for trading!!! Between my commute and other responsibilities I don’t think I coulda ever had the same results if not for the app. Why don’t everyone have it or something like it? C’mon, people, it’s 2018! Wake up!

Daniella Watt

30.11.2018 10:39 AM

Fast withdrawal

Fast withdrawal. Yeah, maybe it’s not the MOST important feature of online broker, but it is important for me, so. You know, sometimes the process can take WEEKS without any explanation!!! I mean, reasonable and understandable explanation and not just a ton of legal speak with links to terms and conditions…
I’m glad I hadn’t had any problems with them doing any withdrawals from my account to date. Here’s me hoping there won’t be any in the future, or it would be me checking out mountains of other reviews for online brokers.

Isobel Frost

29.11.2018 7:10 PM

3 years together

3 years together. Smooth sailing so far. Hope they’ll continue the trend in the future!

Nathan Reeves

29.11.2018 3:37 PM

Decent service

Decent service. I tried a couple of other brokers in my time. I can’t say it’s the best service of my life… It’s better than others I tried, but it doesn’t have that unique something to be called ‘the best’, you know? If that makes sense. But they decent enough. Round the clock support, personal account manager… Didn’t feel so bereft as with my previous brokers when in a crunch.